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We visited the Construma construction exhibition

We visited the Construma construction exhibition
It was a great pleasure for us to participate in the 40th edition of the
Construma international construction exhibition this year.

The event enjoys well-deserved popularity as both serviceproviders and interested individuals can benefit greatly from it. The event was truly well-organized, and although it's difficult to capture the atmosphere, we will try to present the essence of the event and the purpose of Technical's presence. 

What should you know about the event?

Before we dive in, it's worth going over a brief history of the event and the venue. Construma is one of the largest building services and interior design exhibitions in Hungary, where industry leaders showcase their innovations and latest developments. The esteemed host of the event was the well-known Hungexpo Ltd.

Hungexpo is actually a trade and entertainment facility consisting of pavilions, serving as an exhibition and event venue. Hungexpo has a rich history, as it has been a venue for agricultural exhibitions since 1921, and from spring to autumn, it regularly accommodates thematic fairs. The fairgrounds only had a hiatus during World War II, from 1943 to 1948, and after the war, it once again presented the results of agricultural cooperatives to the public. The park, spread over 36 hectares of landscaped surroundings, is home to eight event halls, with 70,000 square meters of covered area. The park has been operating at full capacity ever since, serving as a popular venue for thematic exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and events.

The park's vast area, modern pavilions, and good reputation ensure excellent events. The capacity of Hungexpo suggests that exhibitions attract large crowds, and this was no different for this year's 40th edition of the Construma International Construction Industry Exhibition.


A glimpse into the program

The event offered a wide range of programs, starting with the opening ceremony, followed by professional training sessions for electrical engineers, architects, and engineers. Contractor workshops, professional guided tours, and many other excellent programs enriched the repertoire of the event. Thanks to the diverse program selection, both visitors and exhibitors found what they were looking for during the event.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, numerous interested individuals attended, many of whom were in the process of building or renovating their homes. Of course, there were also those who were interested in the latest innovations. One thing is certain, walking through the pavilion, every customer's needs were satisfied. The event had almost everything related to homes and interior design.

We got to know new trends, styles, materials, and technologies related to home construction and interior design. Massage chairs, furniture painters, remote control systems, electronic cabinet locks, and countless other topics and innovations added color to the offerings.



What was our goal with our presence?

Fireplace construction is our passion, and for 30 years, we have been dedicated to satisfying our customers. This was also our primary goal with our presence at the exhibition. We are well aware that purchasing a wood-burning fireplace often involves months of research and paperwork.

Choosing a fireplace requires careful consideration, and it takes an incredible amount of experience and knowledge to select the perfect one. At Technikal Ltd., our first and most important goal is customer satisfaction, and this is achieved through deep professional expertise.

Therefore, we found it important to appear at the Construma event, as it allowed us to interact with interested individuals and provide them with the most comprehensive information possible.

We know well that the installation of the appropriate fireplace depends on several factors. It is true that when the idea of installing a new firebox is just beginning to form, the multitude of decisions and overwhelming amount of information can be daunting.

Should it be an electric or wood-burning firebox? Built-in or freestanding? Is it necessary to build a chimney, and if so, what level of labor investment does it entail? How much electricity does an electric firebox consume? Can an electric fireplace heat an entire room? The list could go on, but one thing is certain: we made every effort to answer these questions with complete dedication.


All questions were answered

Our goal was to provide interested individuals with the most detailed answers to their questions. With the help of our experienced professionals, we were able to truly bring clarity to their thoughts, resulting in satisfied inquirers. It was important for us to allocate sufficient time and give maximum attention to every interested individual, just as we do in real life. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we continue to do everything possible to achieve it.

At the Construma exhibition, we made sure that visitors could see the most outstanding pieces in our range. We strived to present the variety of Technical fireplaces and the numerous possibilities they offer in the most versatile way. 

Why is it worth seeing fireplaces in person?

The appearance of fireplaces and fireboxes is truly mesmerizing in person, which is why we recommend visiting our showroom in Budapest whenever possible. Seeing a fireplace in person and experiencing its size and radiance is completely different from looking at a picture or catalog. Each of our fireplaces radiates a unique appearance, as many onlookers experienced firsthand at the Construma trade fair. Even those who had never considered fireplace construction before were drawn to inquire after seeing the displayed pieces.


It was particularly useful for visitors to encounter modern electric fireplaces as well. We learned that many people had outdated perceptions of electric flame simulations, far from the more modern and premium options available.

Overall, we can say that we are very satisfied with our participation at the Construma exhibition because it achieved its goal. We succeeded in bringing people closer to the warmth of fire in their homes.

We believe that one of the most important steps in purchasing a fireplace is having the necessary expertise, comprehensive information, and physical experience. That is why we promote our Budapest showroom, where numerous fireplaces, finishes, and fireboxes are on display, along with expert assistance available to interested individuals.

Our goal is to make the process of purchasing a fireplace as easy as possible in every aspect, which is why you can trust us with everything from planning to execution. We are delighted to have participated in the 40th Construma exhibition.

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