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Erdei Zsolt became the Ambassador of Technical Fireplace

Erdei Zsolt became the Ambassador of Technical Fireplace
The article reveals why he became our ambassador and what the
advantages of wood-burning and electric fireplaces are.

In the following article, we share the principles that have provided and continue to provide a stable foundation for Technical Fireplace, its management, and our experts. Additionally, it sheds light on why Erdei Zsolt became the Ambassador of Technical Fireplace.


Allow me to briefly summarize Erdei Zsolt's professional career so that you can get to know the man whom we have chosen as our company's representative. Erdei Zsolt, nicknamed "Madár" (Bird), was born in Budapest in 1974. He is a former amateur world champion and European champion, Olympic bronze medalist, light heavyweight and cruiserweight professional boxing world champion, and also a former president of the Hungarian Boxing Federation.

He concluded his amateur career with 212 victories and 20 defeats. In 2000, he began his professional boxing career, during which he held the WBO light heavyweight world title for over 5 years. In 2009, he also captured the WBC cruiserweight belt, becoming the first Hungarian to win world championships in two weight classes among professionals.


Common values truly matter

The leadership and team of Technical Fireplace have been working for over thirty years to meet the highest customer expectations. However, this endeavor is far more nuanced than the statement suggests. Our company actually follows significant principles that provide a stable foundation for conveying the quality that has always characterized us.

These principles have shaped every step and decision we make, enabling us to create values with the fireplaces we manufacture and distribute. These values guarantee our customers aesthetically pleasing, practical, and uniquely fitting fireplaces for their homes. Now we believe it is time to find a brand ambassador for our company, someone who represents similar values.

The first and most defining aspect for us is continuous improvement. When the idea of Technical Fireplace emerged in our minds thirty years ago, we already assigned a prominent role to lifelong development and learning. Alongside growth, perseverance is an important second principle that sets apart most companies and athletes from the rest.

The well-being of our family and loved ones is important to all of us. Belonging to a family and the sense of connection provide a feeling of security, and we want to contribute to this atmosphere with our fireplaces. Moreover, they not only create a great ambiance and intimacy but also serve as a secondary heating solution, providing literal and metaphorical warmth to our homes. Our brand ambassador also connects his fireplace with family and the sense of security. After all, the family gathers in the shared home, and the heart of the shared home is where the fireplace is located. It is where we can sit down to have conversations, play, enjoy a movie afternoon while listening to the crackling of the fire and watching the dancing flames.


The advantages of wood-burning fireplaces

Based on our experience, it is undeniable that all fireplaces and heating solutions can be excellent choices; the question is rather which type is the most suitable for each individual. Overall, the primary advantage of wood-burning fireplaces is that firewood, the fuel source, is easily accessible and affordable.

Additionally, wood-burning fireplaces are an environmentally friendly solution since wood is a sustainable resource, unlike fossil fuels. It is the only option that does not leave a carbon footprint in the environment, meaning it is not harmful to nature in the long run.

Another important aspect is that wood-burning fireplaces are highly efficient, reducing energy costs. We should not overlook the fact that the flickering fire and the comforting crackling of the logs create an incomparable ambiance. The sight of a wood-burning fireplace, the aroma of burning wood, and the ability to keep the fire alive ourselves transform the home into an inviting and cozy haven.

Furthermore, a wood-burning fireplace is capable of providing warmth even during a power outage. It is also worth noting that an installed wood-burning fireplace can significantly increase the value of a home.

The advantages of electric fireplaces

We can also provide solutions for those who are not primarily considering a wood-burning fireplace but are looking for a simpler option.

For them, an electric fireplace can be a perfect choice, with one of its main advantages lying in its easy installation. The electric fireplace is extremely easy to set up and allows great flexibility in terms of interior design throughout the entire house. Simply plug in the fireplace unit, and it's ready to operate.

Turning it on requires just a press of a button, and this level of convenience is worth mentioning as well. Furthermore, the electric option takes up significantly less space, providing greater flexibility in layout and the capacity of the house.

In addition to all these benefits, it is considered an exceptionally safe solution since there is no actual combustion during its operation. Among the numerous customizable options, an automatic shut-off function is always included for further safety enhancement. Another highly attractive feature is that electric fireplaces practically require no maintenance.

Another advantage is that the electric fireplace can be used at any time of the year since the heating option can be turned off, allowing us to enjoy the visual display of flames even in the summer without increasing the heat.

Let's conclude with the aspect of mobility. If you decide to sell your home, you can easily take the electric fireplace with you when moving and effortlessly install it in your new apartment or house, just as you did in your previous home.

Overall, whether we are talking about wood-burning or electric fireplaces, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The only question is what is important to you. That is why we recommend visiting our showroom in Budapest, where our experts can help you determine which fireplace type would be the perfect choice.


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