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Built-in and wall-mounted electric fireplace IMPULSE 93

877 EUR (691 EUR + VAT)
Availability: 1 pcs in stock
Expected delivery: July 17, 2024
Shipping fee: Free
Model: 2417

Important notice! This product is currently only available for orders from Hungary. If you would like to place an order from another country, please get in touch with us. We have a network of resellers in some countries, and we will redirect inquiries from there to our partners.

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Credit card, bank transfer

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Power 750/1500
Width 93 cm
Height 49 cm
Depth 20 cm
Warranty 3 years

Frequently Questions

1. Can electric fireplaces cause a fire?
It is not possible because the absence of real fire eliminates this possibility. The devices are equipped with a safety heat release mechanism.

2. Does the glass and casing of the electric fireplace get hot?
No, because the devices are designed in a way that neither the glass nor the housing heats up. This eliminates the risk of accidental burns, especially for children or pets.

3. Do electric fireplaces emit dangerous smoke?
Electric fireplaces do not emit any dangerous smoke, so they are completely safe to use.

4. Do you need to pay attention to turning off electric fireplaces?
Some types of electric fireplaces are equipped with a timer. This allows you to automatically turn off the device, making it convenient to set the operating time.

5. Can electric fireplaces be used all year round?
The heating function and its activation can be individually adjusted. Everyone can decide whether to use it or turn it off. Of course, it is advisable to use them without heating during the warmer months.

6. Is the operation of electric fireplaces complicated?
We are talking about devices that are very easy to use. Turning them on, adjusting the heating function, selecting flames, or other functions should not be a problem. In addition, each product comes with a user manual.

7. Is "lighting" of electric fireplaces difficult and time-consuming?
Modern electric fireplaces can be controlled with a remote control. It is an extremely convenient solution that allows you to change flame types or intensity without leaving the couch. The Diana and Lemont NH 60 models can also be controlled with a dedicated mobile application.
Additionally, they are equipped with a touch screen that disappears after 10 seconds of use.

8. Does using electric fireplaces result in high utility costs?
The LED technology of Technical fireplaces provides a flame effect at a very low cost. The device turns off the heating if it detects a sudden temperature drop.

9. Is it difficult to install electric fireplaces?
The installation of electric fireplaces is extremely simple. You just need to unpack the device, find a suitable place for it, assemble it, and plug it in. The process takes only a few minutes. There is no need for a chimney or special electrical preparations.

10. Do all electric fireplaces have continuous heating function?
The heating function and its on/off status depend on the user. Simply not turning on the heating of the fireplace allows you to enjoy its features, for example, during the summer months.

11. Can all electric fireplaces be built-in?

Not all of them. Mostly, those fireplaces that emit hot air from the front can be built-in, but there are exceptions. Built-in electric fireplaces: Rhone, Major, Impulse, Monza, Lemont, Steg, Max Wide, Malbun 106, Prime B, Prime S.

There is a separate group of fireplaces that can be wall-mounted.
Wall-mounted electric fireplaces: Alíz, Malins, Bronz, Impulse, Major, Mozo, Silum, Major, Prime S, Prime B, Rhone. Built-in and wall-mounted electric fireplaces: Impulse, Major, Rhone, Prime B, Prime S.

12. Are there electric fireplaces that do not have a heating function?
Yes, in our range, you can find fireplaces like Prime B, Prime S, Lemont 60 NH, Malbun 106.

13. Can electric fireplaces be installed anywhere?
They can be installed almost anywhere because they do not require ventilation from a chimney or special connections. They are suitable for both houses and small apartments. There is nothing stopping you from installing the device in an office, store, or restaurant.
However, it is worth noting that electric fireplaces should not be installed in places with high humidity, such as bathrooms.

14. Do electric fireplaces have the same effect as traditional ones?
Every electric fireplace has appropriate features that guarantee the variety of flame colors and offer the possibility of distinguishing between different stoves. Some Technical electric fireplaces also allow regulating the speed of the flames.

15. How long do electric fireplaces operate?
Due to the extensive lifespan of the LED lights that create the flame effect, Technical electric fireplaces can operate flawlessly for years.

16. What kind of electrical power is required to use electric fireplaces?

A 7-ampere current is sufficient to operate electric fireplaces since occurrences smaller than a 10-ampere breaker are unlikely.

Therefore, if other significant power-consuming devices are not operated simultaneously on the same breaker, the electric fireplace can be safely operated from a grounded electrical socket.


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