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Bio fireplaces

Nowadays, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace without the need for a chimney or actual heating. Our bio-fireplaces provide both a visual feature and a heating output of 1 to 3 kW, depending on their size. These fireplaces utilize a type of alcohol that is completely environmentally friendly.

One of their main advantages is the minimal cleaning required, as no combustion by-products are produced, leaving behind no ash, dirt, or soot.

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Wall mounted fireplace - Stockholm 130

Delivery March 15, 2024
801 EUR (630 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 5101

Beépíthető biokandalló - Biograd 60

Delivery March 15, 2024
529 EUR (417 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 2459

Built-in bio fireplace Biograd 40

Delivery March 15, 2024
279 EUR (220 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 5001

Built-in bio fireplace Biograd 60

Delivery March 15, 2024
340 EUR (267 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 5002

Built-in bio fireplace Biograd 50

Delivery March 15, 2024
340 EUR (267 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 5019

Wall mounted Stockholm 180

Delivery March 15, 2024
1,064 EUR (838 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 5102

Bio fireplaces: An economical and

environmentally friendly solution

Bioethanol is the core component of a bioethanol fireplace. This alcohol-based substance not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides heating power without generating any combustion by-products. As a result, there is no dirt, ash, or other contaminants produced, eliminating the need for regular cleaning of the firebox. Additionally, the technology used in bioethanol fireplaces is environmentally friendly, ensuring that no harmful combustion products are released into the air, both inside and outside.

It's important to emphasize that a bioethanol fireplace is not just a visually appealing feature for your living room or bedroom. It also serves as an effective heating source, providing warmth that can be relied upon. One of its significant advantages is that no external power source is required to ignite the system. However, it's worth noting that the purchase, storage, and handling of bioethanol fuel may require some energy and incur costs.

Fortunately, thanks to modern and innovative processes, there are no hidden costs associated with the use of a bioethanol fireplace. You won't have to compromise your time or energy to enjoy the comforting warmth that your body and soul desire. By investing in a bioethanol fireplace, you can eliminate the need for additional heating technology for many years to come. Moreover, it will undoubtedly add a captivating feature to your living space that will be admired by all.