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Air ducts

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Air pipe size 80

Delivery within 14 working days
Delivery July 12, 2024
12 EUR (10 EUR + VAT)
Article number: 1023

A few words about the installation of air pipes

Fireplaces with a closed combustion chamber do not use the air of the room for combustion, so it is necessary to introduce the air externally with the help of air pipes. Air pipes are essential tools for safe use and adequate air supply. Since the insulation of today's modern family houses virtually hermetically seals the building, it would be unthinkable for the fireplace to use the room's air for combustion, because this would take an extremely large amount of oxygen from the environment, because there is no supply through the modern shutters, as with the old bad type . No less than 8 m3 of air is needed to burn just 1 kg of wood. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, the fireplace smokes back and the fire burns poorly. However, all this can be easily solved with the help of a fireplace with a closed combustion chamber and the inlet air pipes.

There are several solutions for its installation, since it does not matter where the fireplace is located in the apartment. In the ideal case, it can be delivered directly under the equipment through a hole cut in the wall, this is below floor level or if the fireplace is adjacent to an external wall, directly through the wall. In such cases, it is always worth choosing the shortest possible route, preferably with as few breaks as possible. However, this may change depending on the circumstances, especially if we do not know exactly where the fireplace will be located during the planning period. If it is not possible to reach the outer wall with the air pipes, the air supply can also be solved from the attic through the gap cut in the floor. The more breaks, the larger the diameter will be needed to ensure freer flow. You can also find the recommended installation drawings in the downloadable documents.