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Built-in bio fireplace Biograd 50

344 EUR (271 EUR + VAT)
Availability: Delivery within 14 working days
Expected delivery: July 04, 2024
Shipping fee: 3 EUR
Model: 5019

Nowadays, you can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace without the need for a chimney or actual heating. Our bio-fireplaces provide both a visual feature and a heating output of 1 to 3 kW, depending on their size. These fireplaces utilize a type of alcohol that is completely environmentally friendly.

One of their main advantages is the minimal cleaning required, as no combustion by-products are produced, leaving behind no ash, dirt, or soot.

Payment options
Credit card, bank transfer

Delivery options:
home delivery, personal collection in the showroom (Üllő)


Anyaga rozsdamentes acél
Maximális égési idő 90
Telepítés beépíthető
TÜV tanúsítvány yes
Width 49.6 cm
Height 60 cm
Depth 16 cm
Warranty 1 years
Üzemanyag bioetanol

Delivery and payment information

Home delivery


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