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Introducing the magnificent IMPULSE electric fireplace

Introducing the magnificent IMPULSE electric fireplace
When we first lay our eyes on the IMPULSE 93 electric fireplace, the first
thing that comes to mind is premium quality.

Allow us to introduce the queen of electric fireplaces, the IMPULSE. You will discover an elegant, captivating style and top-notch firebox. We strive to present it with such precision that you can almost see every detail of this premium fireplace right in front of

Why is an electric fireplace a good choice?

If you appreciate comfort, a sense of luxury, and captivating design, then an electric fireplace may be a worthwhile choice for you. Once you find the right spot, all you need is a power source, and the fireplace is ready to use. Electric fireplaces are also excellent for zone heating, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. Just lean back on the couch and press the remote control button, and you'll be enchanted by the stunning flame simulation and the pleasant warmth that instantly surrounds you.


The IMPULSE electric fireplace

When we first lay our eyes on the IMPULSE electric fireplace, the first thing that comes to mind is premium quality. The captivating design, the large glass surface, and the lifelike flame simulations create an exclusive visual experience. Three flame colors are
available, and you have the option to choose from five brightness levels. The flames are so realistic, just like a real fire and embers.

Combine colors and shapes with the help of two types of visual embers. The energy-efficient LED technology results in low power consumption, and there is no need to replace the light source. The three-sided ember bed and the maximally utilized NERO glass surface together create a stunning impression.

The fireplace comes with a remote control, which greatly facilitates its use. Get comfortable on the couch, press the button on the remote control, and enjoy the soothing play of flames. The IMPULSE electric fireplace embodies luxury and comfort. 

Excellent heating solution

The IMPULSE is an excellent heating solution if you value comfort, efficiency, and energy savings. You can choose from two heating levels on the digital thermostat control panel. Thanks to the open window sensor function, the heating automatically turns off when it detects an open window or a drop in temperature. This option serves your
convenience, just like the delayed shutdown function. With this smart feature, you don't have to worry about falling asleep and leaving the fireplace on. You can schedule the shutdown.

During operation, the device does not deplete the oxygen in the room, so there is no need for an external air inlet, and you can even keep the windows closed while using it. No harmful exhaust gases are produced during operation, making it an environmentally friendly solution. It is safe to use around small children and pets as the glass does not heat up during use.


Available in 5 different sizes

The IMPULSE electric fireplace is available in 5 different sizes: 93 cm, 110 cm, 127 cm, 152 cm, and 183 cm. In terms of performance, you can choose between 750W and 1500W. Enjoy quality, quick installation, comfort, and energy savings. The IMPULSE electric fireplace is the perfect embodiment of innovation and premium quality.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase, feel free to consult with our expert colleagues over the phone. We guarantee that we will do everything to ensure your satisfaction. Our goal is for you to make a 
perfect decision and for the fireplace you choose to fully meet your needs.

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