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Modern fireplace surrounds

Modern fireplace surrounds

Modern style is one of the most popular trends these days, which is why modern fireplace surrounds are so popular.

One of the most current trends is modern style, which is why modern fireplace surrounds are so popular. Learn more about the key features of modern style and let us also introduce you to the impressing fireplace. Come to us and discover the possibilities of this new lifestyle.

The modern style

Although we naturally recognize when we enter a modern style home, it is worth summarizing the features of this trend. So, before we start introducing fireplace surrounds, let's summarize everything we need to know about modern style.

Modern style is a movement that is not inspired by any historical period or culture but is based on the Bauhaus style. The Bauhaus originated in Weimar in 1919 and was the first movement to establish a practical relationship between art and functionality.

The movement's representatives broke with the pointed arches of the Gothic, the light waves of the Rococo and the heavily over-decorated tendrils of the Baroque and moved in a clear, simple direction. Modern style is thus inspired by the Bauhaus and derives from the upheavals and profound changes in Western society.

Modernism is a lifestyle and not just an architectural movement. It argues that architecture, literature and philosophy are now outdated and in need of renewal and updating. The period between the two world wars was the perfect breeding ground for a new trend. Another factor in the emergence of the modern style was the industry's move away from traditional building materials towards glass, steel and concrete. The economic situation at the time was also a definite factor.

It is important not to confuse modernism with futurism or contemporary art. On the contrary, minimalism, Scandinavian design, industrial style and modern rusticism are all modernisms.

Characteristics of modern architecture

The modern style is characterized by simplicity and plainness, with geometric shapes and straight, simple lines. The modern style completely dispenses with ornamentation and unnecessary frills.

Straight and elegant lines predominate, complemented by interesting and sometimes eye-catching shapes. The surfaces reflect the light in most cases, so that an interior is characterized by a lot of light and simplicity combined with functionality. The modern interior style conveys a feeling of freedom, clarity and generosity. Simplicity, formal functionality and closeness to nature are also among the defining characteristics. One thing is certain: you won't find shelves full of clutter, furniture stacked on top of each other and heavy accessories in a modern flat. After this brief introduction, I would like to introduce you to our modern fireplace surround series.

The modern fireplace surround

When we talked about the different trends and styles, you might not have thought that we have a matching surround for all styles. Our aim is to ensure that everyone, without exception, finds the perfect fireplace and fireplace surround that perfectly matches the interior. We believe that a fireplace can bring a whole new standard of living to your home, and we work to ensure that it comes to you in the smoothest way possible.

Overall, the modern fireplace surrounds we offer can be perfectly integrated into any modern - or any other - style of home. The fireplace surrounds have the distinct characteristics of modernity thanks to the clean look of the style elements.

It is also worth noting that modern fireplace surrounds can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of interior styles, both functionally and visually. The fact that a modern fireplace facing only looks good in a modern home is disproved. The fireplace surrounds shown below fit perfectly with almost any interior style and can even enhance the quality of the interior.


Let us introduce the modern SIRMIONE fireplace surround

The modern SIRMIONE fireplace surround makes a fascinating impression at first glance. It undoubtedly has all the hallmarks of modern style, and a dose of extravagance makes it truly unique. The symmetrical, geometric shapes, the straight lines and the veined structure of the travertine stone clearly show that it is a genuine mining material.

It fits perfectly in a rustic or classic living room, which is enhanced by the wooden shelf underneath. Its simple lines are also a great counterbalance to the clutter of a less tidy interior. It can also be a perfect addition to a modern or even rustic home. One word is enough to describe it: perfect!


The modern fireplace surround Zánka

The Zánka fireplace surround is the epitome of modern style. The incredible glass surface allows the fire to be viewed from several sides and gives the interior a calm atmosphere and friendly light, something rarely experienced indoors. It features the simplest possible lines and shapes, which fully showcase the flow of the fire's true energy. It looks like sitting around a campfire with the family, while every detail of the fireplace surround exudes elegance and quality.


York+ modern fireplace surround

The York + fireplace surround is just the best for you if you are looking for a fireplace surround with a strong character. The perfect harmony of geometric shapes and asymmetrical design opens new interior design possibilities. For the cladding of the underside of your fireplace, you can choose almost any surface, be it raw stone, brick or even marble, depending on your taste.

With this fireplace covering, there are no more limits to your self-expression. The York+ fireplace facing opens a whole new range of possibilities and is not only a good choice for modern homes, but also for most interiors.


Modern ULM fireplace surround

The ULM fireplace surround is a real jolly joker that can significantly improve the quality of light in your home. The modern style, the elegant yet striking lines and the clash of different textures create a stunning effect. That is why it can be perfectly integrated into almost any interior style.

The ULM fireplace surround offers the option of placing the fireplace in the corner of the room, which opens further possibilities for room design. The flames of the fire can be seen from two sides thanks to the large-area NERO glazing, and they radiate a great deal of peace and quiet at the same time.


Did you know?

It is important to clarify that you must make two important decisions when buying and installing a fireplace. A fireplace therefore consists of two parts: the fireplace inserts, i.e. the combustion chamber, and the fireplace lining. If it is a wood-burning fireplace, the fireplace insert is the space where the combustion takes place, in the case of an electric fireplace, it is the space where the flames are visible and the heat itself is generated. The fireplace surround is the element that determines the appearance of the firebox.

Of course, we offer a huge selection of inserts with an almost infinite number of possibilities.  There is hardly a need for which a solution cannot be found here. We know that choosing the right fireplace is a big decision. That's why we encourage you to contact us without hesitation.

With more than 30 years of experience, you will find with us the perfect fireplace, the centerpiece of your home. If you have the desire to install a fireplace, contact us, tell us about your plans, then sit back and enjoy everything going as smoothly as possible.

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